Jobsite in a Box

The Root Group provides construction company with a standardized “job-site in a box” (JIB), allowing them to predict remote job-site IT costs for bids and lower the costs


Our client, a large construction company, needed IT infrastructure to communicate drawings, email, project schedules and other critical information from their corporate headquarters to remote job-sites across North America. They were struggling to provide consistent support in maintaining the IT infrastructure, causing variance in the quality of services they could deliver from one job-site to the next.

They experienced chronic connectivity issues and did not have IT staff available on site to assist and fix problems. This meant workers were unable to access critical data for their work, causing delays and costing them time and money.


In partnership with this client, The Root Group architected and tested a “job-site in a box” (JIB) that provided a standard set of components to provide each site the same communication abilities with their corporate headquarters.

The final design contained all of the required components in a ruggedized shipping container that also served as the on-site rack for the solution. The Root Group not only helped come up with the design, they also pre-build, configure, and ship each JIB to the designated job-site where site workers can easily install and begin to use this mini-data center.

The equipment is standardized across all sites, is highly secure, and simple to deploy and use.


  • Predictable Cost Model - Our client knows its IT costs per site over 3 years because of standardization
  • Fewer Support Issues - Very few issues, all much easier to address thanks to the consistency of the equipment
  • Greater Availability - With standardized instructions, the time to deploy is faster and troubleshooting is easier
  • Quick Delivery - The Root Group typically takes 10 days to deploy equipment to a new job-site