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Established in 1989, The Root Group was founded on the simple principle of providing senior IT expertise for emerging technologies. Not much has changed in the past 20 years from a services standpoint. What has changed over the years is the addition of reselling best-in-class products. This combination of products and services enable us to deliver a more robust solution to our clients. What will never change is our commitment to objectively helping our clients find the right products and services, whether they are from The Root Group or not.

Today our professional services staff represent a combined total of more than 100 years of experience in nearly all areas of open systems computing. Our expertise ranges from complete enterprise system architectures, to physical data center layouts, to network management, to layered security designs to managing highly virtualized environments. Chances are we’ve been there, done that.

We maintain close working relationships and certifications with industry leaders in technology products and services including Oracle, Sun Microsystems, Check Point Software, Cisco, VMware and others. While those relationships allow us to keep on the front edge of new releases and provide vendor feedback, we take great steps to maintain our objectivity and broad market knowledge of products we don’t represent. This includes a wide range of open source solutions as well as newly emerging technologies. Our goal is to provide the best fit solution for our clients in terms of cost, functionality and supportability.