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Simply put, the ease with which you can do business with The Root Group matters. Being easy to do business with us is a cornerstone of our business philosophy. We invest heavily in training our sales and technical resources so that they can quickly provide you with the right products, the right services and the right answers throughout your procurement and deployment lifecycles. We know our supply chain processes extremely well and we get things fixed fast when those processes break down.


You will work directly with your dedicated Sales Representative and the appropriate Sales Engineer. This team will ensure your requirements are translated to the appropriate product choices, support contracts and services needed to deploy the technology. Our Inside Sales team will make sure pricing and availability are quickly and professionally communicated to you.

Our Order Management team makes the purhasing process simple and efficient. Accurate and timely order placement ensures you the best possible result once you’ve selected a product. You will be proactively notifiied of all shipping and delivery details so that you can stay focused on what happens once the products have arrived.


When a client signs a General Root Group Services Agreement, our team of engineers is available to assist on a wide variety of timeframes, deliverables and rate structures.

Best Available
Consulting need is very short term or urgent and usually requires less than 8 hours of assistance.. The situation can be a one time fix to a specific problem or responding to an urgent situation that was unplanned. This service is offered either by phone or on-site and is scheduled based on engineering best availabilty.

Project Based
A Statement of Work clearly outlines the objectives to be achieved and the steps taken to achieve them. Project deliverables and timelines are scheduled and tracked. The scope of the project and any changes to scope is controlled through Project Management from The Root Group or provided by the client. The length of the engagement is typically from one day to multiple weeks with committed timeframes.

General Services Contract
This service is for clients that have numerous tasks that need to be completed but the priority and scope of work may vary from week to week or month to month. It is also very helpful for clients that lose critical staff and may have difficulty in hiring a replacement. The GSC is a vehicle that gives priority service to clients based on a commitment to a set number of consulting day(s) per week of a duration which is typically 3 months or longer.