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The Root Group maintains reseller agreements with the top hardware and software companies in the industry. We continually refresh our product portfolio based on our commitment to provide our clieints with solutions that have the best combination of price, performance and supportability. The products we choose are selected based on thetotal cost of ownership over the useful life of the product, not just the total cost of acquistion. We also carefully evaluate product technologies based on industry analysis, benchmark comparisons and vendor history and reputation. We then factor in our own experience in both production and lab environments to make a final decision. The final test is to run our own business on the technologies that we offer to our clients. Our goal is to find product issues before you ever do.

We also make sure our sales and sales engineering staffs are fully certified for the products we resell. Getting the configuration and pricing done quickly and accurately is critical to both your and our success. Please contact us for a quote or a design recommendation.

Our sales department can be reached via:
Phone: 303-447-8093 (press 2)