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Network Rearchitecture

Posted: August 25, 2022

The Root Group recently engaged with a client that needed to re-architect their aging network. The network had evolved through the years with numerous design and management iterations that had left it with reliability issues and difficulty in managing/monitoring/patching. It also lacked the ability to take advantage of the newest network technologies to improve security and scalability. They wanted Root Group to help them rearchitect their network with a focus on the most current network design concepts including software defined networking, zero trust access, network simplification and resiliency, and lower cost of management, to name a few.

The Root Group completed this architecture based on gathering requirements from numerous stakeholders and came up with an architecture that is layer 3-centric and makes optimal use of dynamic routing. Some of the design features include:
This first phase explored the unique needs of the organization and developed an architecture that will future-proof the organization.

  • Use of trusted and untrusted networks in the same enterprise
  • Elimination of subnets that cross physical sites
  • Connection of core sites and outlying locations using layer 3 links and OSPF routing protocol
  • Authenticated access to both wired and wireless networking

Stay tuned for our next post which will discuss the move to the next phase, detailed network design.